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The Weekend We Kept Our Fingers Crossed For. ( Fingers Crossed part 2)

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As expected, the weekend was packed. Packed with all the new “stuvs”. This particular post is dedicated to all the readers that prayed with me on the last post (especially concerning the interview). Thank you guys so much because your crossed fingers and prayers came through for me. Our God is not dead!

So let’s go back on this 1 sec. I got a message by 8pm on Thursday the 9th inviting me for a job interview the next day at 9am. I was super excited cause ive always looked forwars to it but what was the problem? I was not in Lagos so there was no way I could have made it in time. I was worried so I took to writing! I told you guys what was on ground and we kept our fingers crossed for it. I slept that night in anticipation for sunset. I was up and getting ready for my interview I had no idea what my plan was because at 8am I still hadn’t left for Lagos but while I was getting ready I summoned courage,picked up my phone and dialed the number that sent me the interview message. The lady on the other end of the phone sounded very nice and she was very understanding when I explained to her my situation. She was willing to reschedule my time and even day! I just rescheduled till 12 so as not to push my luck if I had chosen another day entirely. When I set out for my journey, I noticed I was still going to be late I thought about calling in again but I couldn’t cause then it might thin my chances of getting the job (who wants an employee who isn’t punctual right?) so I decided not to call again but just get there at whatever time and let whatever happens happen. I got there I think at about 2pm no thanks to Lagos traffic. I was welcomed and asked to wait to be attended to so obviously, I hadn’t missed my shot yet!

The posh lady came in,I recognized her voice from my call to reschedule. She said “hi”, I introduced myself and handed over my CV. It took her a while to getting around to the actual interview but I enjoyed the view while I waited which brings us to the Academy now.


The Academy’s reception.

If you’re looking for a serene place to have a business meeting over food or a romantic get away dinner, the Culinary Academy is the place for you. Very low key location, nicely set up, friendly staff, they are always smiling. One would think their boss employed them and said “smile always or loose your job.” You should know that a place like this is on the high side though.


Culinary Academy’s eating area. (That’s the best picture I could get cause sneaking.)

It was finally time for my interview, it was nothing so serious and thank God cause I hadn’t rehearsed any answers. I was asked to go home and wait till they get back to me. So again? Keep your fingers crossed for me about the job? Thank you!

Have a great weekend guys!

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