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Review: My Cassie Daves planner

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Hey fine one, how’s Monday treating you?

I woke up this morning and first thing I did was pick up my Cassiedaves blog planner. It came in Saturday morning while I was in a rush to set out for the day so I didn’t exactly have time to go through it thoroughly. So I woke up wanting to know what was behind all that beautiful packaging.

First off like I’ve already mentioned, the packaging was oh so awesome especially the very cute note it came with

Please zoom to read the note

The way I gently unwrapped this thing. I really didn’t want to take it out of it’s packaging. Because for 4k in this Nigeria, I think it was overly packaged. I even did a video of the unwrapping.

Next thing was the cover of the planner.

This thing is fine! I immediately got a matching marker

It’ll take a really lazy person to remain lazy with this blog planner because every page keeps you wanting to do more. I’m really positive about this. Especially because of the fact that it has some really awesome post ideas and useful tools and apps

She also has inspirational quotes for every month so you’re steady getting encouraged

Notice in this last picture that Cassie called me beautiful? Lol.

I must say though that prior to my order for the planner, I was very convinced I wouldn’t use it but as Cassie’s number 1 fan, I just wanted my own Cassie goodness. But having the planner now, I think i’ll use it cause you can’t see such gorgeousness laying around and not be tempted to pick it up to use. And seeing as Cassie included a “looks to shoot session” I’ve decided I’m lowkey going to start doing style posting. Definitely not as regular as Cassie or any style blogger but at my own pace.

Are you a Cassiedaves blog planner user too? Please tell me what you think and how you’ve found it useful. If you aren’t what are you waiting for? I hear she has limited copies and it’s the last batch for the year at #cassiedavesblogplanner

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6 Responses
  • Jenom Kassim
    July 25, 2016

    Too much motivation in one book mehn.

  • Kanmi
    July 29, 2016

    Awwww, really nice. I would love to have one. Battled with planning my blogging activities today.

    • kuyetasham
      July 29, 2016

      Hey Kanmi. We’re all in the struggle o. Get yourself a planner you’d be surprised how helpful it is

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