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Hi there! I trust your weekend went well.

We loved the previous post from Nanzing so I’m back with another load of goodness from him. Today Nanzing is motivating us with a personal story (well it inspired me) I hope it does you to. Remember to drop a comment let Nanzing know what we think! Thanks 

“I had a challenge with Statistics, if it was not a compulsory course I would have dropped it. It took me 3 sessions to pass this particular course. I did not expect to come across anything that had to do with calculations because I never had passion for Math , all those while in secondary school, it was by the grace of God I was passing and I always put efforts to learn to pass.

My first year, I passed the basics of the statistical course with an “A” and I felt great and I thought there was no more to it. Second year I had to register it because it was compulsory for both the first and second semesters. I passed that of the first semester with a “B”. We resumed second semester I attended class, took notes and never paid attention so much to solving of problems, then exams came. Because of the methods I came across in class I was scared. During exams I prepared as usual just to pass, crammed formulas, my friend who was good at statistics helped me to also prepare and the D-day came.  On getting into the hall my fears over took me and I did not remember a single thing throughout the two hours that the exam was conducted. Results came out and I never expected to pass, so I had to repeat the course in my 3rd year. I registered the course again for second semester. I had it in mind that I was not going to fail the course again, and I also knew I had enough time to prepare from first-Second semester but I kept procrastinating throughout the first semester. Second semester came, I attended the classes, did my continuous assessments. The main problem I had this time was creating a free time to study and also asking my friend or my cousin that was good with statistics to help me. When exams came something took me by surprise I was writing the statistics course with another course that same day and same hour. So I was given the two exams answer sheet and questions at the same time. I was scared to death, not because I did not prepare but because I had to work under real pressure and also manage my time. So I concentrated more on my 300 level course and started solving the statistics when I had like 30 minutes left. I was scared, all I learnt again I could not remember and I must say that the course lecturer was changed and I was scared of the new lecturer too. So when results came out again I never expected to pass.

Final year came, I had to re-register the course again for the third time in a row and If I don’t do well this time, I might have to spend an extra year in the university. I had to brace up and start preparations again. I did not wait for second semester to come to start preparations. I looked for question papers from 2007-2013, even though my friend who was  good at statistics was there to help me and was concerned for me to pass the course at all cost. I believed I had to do more. 

I had a cousin that was good with statistics and we stay in the same house. Pride never allowed me ask him for help and I also didn’t want anybody to know that I had an issue with a course in school. This time I felt a greater need for help and I approached him. He helped me and we had to study everyday when he had time to tutor me. So I was being tutored by two people, my cousin and my Friend.

After all the tutoring I went through, I fell in love with statistics and while writing my project even before I would write the course I had adopted it as the method to use for my data analysis. When I sat for the exams, I never had a problem forgetting, I concentrated on my work and within 45 mins I was done with the exams, I submitted and when my final year result came I was cleared without a problem.

The above personal story has taught me some moral lessons:

1. Never let your fears overtake you; in life one is bound to fail but the good thing is we as people need to stand strong and fight our fears away. When you fight away your fears, you tend to be more organized and know what to do so as to get a better result.

2. Don’t be a victim of Pride and Shame: Pride kills and it destroys visions. Pride is a weakness for men who have visions. Pride can be turned to strength and it is called HUMILITY. Don’t ever be ashamed, everybody had a story of an aspect in life about failure. I discovered that when you are ashamed to tell your problems, you will never be at peace with yourself.

3. Procrastination a killer of time: I will do it today, no tomorrow, no later, no now……. and that’s how it continues and before you know time is gone. Procrastination kills our visions.

4. Never place low priority on studying. With great responsibility often comes great honor and opportunity. Like I said in the story, I came to love statistics and even used it for my project data analysis.

Weakness can be turned to strength. When you fail at something don’t ever give up try harder and harder. In failure, men with visions learn to win.”

Haruna-Mamdam Nanzing

I hope this gives you a great start this week!

Thank you for reading!





6 Responses
  • Vicky
    August 8, 2016

    Hmmmmmm dis experience is indeed educating n inspiring… Tnz 4 sharing… #noted#

  • ybmdot
    August 8, 2016

    Nice one there!

  • Naomi
    August 8, 2016

    True. I’m really inspired

  • Arung charity
    August 13, 2016

    Nice one dear,true talk.

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