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Choose your painter differently. 

Unlike all my other posts, I didn’t even plan this one. I just stumbled on this picture and it spoke to me and how I’ve been feeling lately especially since I know people who have chosen to be with terrible “painters”. And so I began to write. I didn’t even proof read. Didn’t edit. I didn’t go through my usual blogging routine basically. I just wrote.

!!!! The cases of abuse in relationships are on a great increase these days and it pains my heart to see girls, ladies, women who can speak up but decide not to. I can never understand why! Love?  That’s BS. Is love an excuse to be defaced? Is love an excuse to be objectified? If you’re being hit, run darling, run as far away as you can. You are more than a punching bag. You are human, so equal to whoever TF is hitting you. Stop making excuses for him. Take responsibility of yourself and run!
Fly if you must. No relationship is worth it. NO RELATIONSHIP.
You’ll make excuses for him till he kills you.

Love isn’t blind, love can see. You’ve chosen to blind yourself. Open your eyes.
Did I apologise for the “long time no post”? I’m sorry I got too carried away with this post I forgot to.

I apologize for the inactivity here. No excuses. I’m plain sorry.

Have a lit weekend!
PS: The arising in the image was by @_toibukun


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