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Taking stock|| November

Another one of my monthly stock taking because you asked.

November was pretty much useless. Okay scratch that. Useless is such a strong word to use.

November was tasking. Demanding. Confusing. Scattered. Exhausting.

I have a long list of adjectives to describe my month of November. Any other adjective but useless. But I’ll save you the boring talks and dive right into today’s post.

Reading: As per usual, Never gets tiring. I’m hooked on it and if you haven’t looked into that blog yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Also I just recently read Obasanjo’s civil war account “My command” The most confusing book I’ve ever read. Took me almost a week to finish and it’s not even that big a book!  Doesn’t mean that I didn’t find it entirely interesting.

Olusegun Obasanjo - My Command - Kuyetasham

Planning : My holiday. My account balance is at it’s worst right now so I’m steady thinking what to do with my life during my Christmas holiday that is barely 2 weeks, especially since everything is now double the price because “Buhari” and “Oga dollar”. Also because I have project research to do during this time. Interviews, visits, picture taking and all that field research business. I know it’ll be fun, but stressful aswell and I hear the area I’m supposed to be researching on isn’t safe so I’m here praying for safety in advance.

Listening to:
As always, Adam Levine. Brymo’s “Klitoris” ( I even dreamt about him sometime this week)

Thinking: Alot. Money, blog, project, exams, after school plans…

Using: Still using Neutrogena black head eliminating daily scrub, but I’ve recently been backing it up with a new face cleanser I just got it’s called “baby face” I hear it works fine but I’m yet to see the effect on my face. However, I can testify that it’s very mild and tender, doesn’t give you all those burns like regular cleansers. Who else has testimonies??

November Stock Taking, Neutrogena x Baby Face - Kuyetasham

Feeling: Loved! I’m currently mourning (or was) if you’re following me on all social media platforms this isn’t news to you. (if you aren’t please do herehere or follow the links at the bottom of this page)  And the love I got! Even from people I didn’t expect. Overwhelming. You really never know how much love you have untill something  bad happens.

Realizing: I could do so much more with myself. I’m just here wasting away when there’s alot the world has to offer.

Travelling: I went to Ibadan and Abeokuta. Finally visited the famous Mall in Ibadan and I was looking forward to finally seeing the crowd and long queues that we hear about, but I was disappointed. They were all civilized, calm as chilled. Somebody lied. *in MI’s voice*

November Stock Taking, University of Ibadan - Kuyetasham

I talked a bit about my Abeokuta experience in my Ake Festival (Abeokuta) experience here please head on and read it if you haven’t.

All together, November was Mehhh. Could have been better.

How was November for you? 

How has the year been in general? 

Love, light and sunshine my darlings.
Please don’t go without leaving a comment  in the comment box I’ll love to hear from you.

As always, Thank you for reading. 


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