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Book review: The Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu X  #iamasmartmoneywoman challenge

The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu is a 210 pages fiction book I bought from the Ake festival book store supplied by Roving heights books. @rovingheights

Year of publication: 2016

Published by: Smart Media Africa 

Price: 5,500

Book review: The Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu X  - Kuyet'asham

Long time no post.

Considering that I’ve read a million and one posts on how to manage blogging and a 9-5 (in my case school) I still haven’t been able to get a hang of this thing and I’m starting to think I should just drop this thing (it’s not by force)

Anybody have any more practical tips that have worked for them with balancing blogging and their daily lives that translates to consistency? Please! Help a sister out and drop your tips in the comment section. God bless your kind heart in advance.

Moving on……

It’s exam season for me and so I’ve been mostly drowned in school books (in case you ever wonder what I’ve been up to). At the moment, I’m 4 papers away from Christmas. I can’t wait!

So while I was struggling to read one fine day this week, I got an instagram notification. It was a tag from fine girl Fola (Tilly as she’s mostly called). I was at Aké with Fola where I had finally gotten my own copy of the SMART MONEY WOMAN By Arese Ugwu. Fola already had hers. Tilly had tagged me on a video post by Arese where she introduced a Social Media Campaign (challenge) for the book. The challenge is called ‘I AM A SMART MONEY WOMAN’

Rules of the Campaign:

Create a video stating why you’re a smart money woman.

Example: I am a Smart Money Woman because XYZ. Stating how the book has impacted your life positively. What you learnt that was interesting in the book using a scenario from the book.

Use the hashtag #iamasmartmoneywoman

Book review: The Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu X  - Kuyet'asham

The catch is, you get to win stuff from the brands mentioned in the book.
Fola tagged me and said, “do this girl”. I thought ah me ke? Does Tilly even know that I’m shy? All through my Insta life, I’ve never posted a video of myself and I’m not about to start.

Long story short, I told Tilly but she gingered me and I took up the challenge. The worst that could happen is Arese won’t select me but guess what? I would have gone out of my comfort zone.

I couldn’t start reading the book that day because I had a paper the next day and the book is roughly 210pages. That would have been some 3-4 hours out of my reading time and considering my short reading span, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to my school books after I was done so I decided to do it over the weekend.

Book review: The Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu X  - Kuyet'asham

Saturday morning, I picked up the book and didn’t leave my bed until I was done. Eyy. When I came across the brands mentioned in the book, I was glad I took up the challenge. My Favorite Chef Fregz was there in all his glory. Chef Fregz is the official Chef for my wedding reception. Did I forget Tara? Forget that her powder does wonders to my face, I legit adore the woman’s sense of independence. She’s top on the list of successful women I look up to, so for a gift from Tara? I’ll make a movie! Better still, please just give me a meal from Chef Fregz. Walahi even if it’s just one slice of bread. As long as it was made by him! Other brands she mentioned were She Leads Africa, Terrakulture.. I can’t possibly mention all (read the book to find out all for yourself).

I’m still here thinking, which one of the many lessons I learnt should I  make a video of since instagram only gives me 1 lousy minute to talk. I need 4 more minutes at the very least but I’ve decided to go with what comes to mind first once I hit ‘record’.


Zuri is a young single woman with a steady income of 600k per month who loved to splurged. From lunch dates with the girls at RSVP to vacations, to designer bags and clothes which she mostly never rerocked, expensive aso ebi for weddings of ‘friends’ she barely even knew and her 2.5M flat at Lekki phase one. (the list goes on.). Zuri did all these without a proper saving plan or even any investment plans at all(a lot of us are guilty of this) and before she knew it, she ran into GBESE!(DEBTS) She was behind on her house rents, owing her mechanic, hospital bills e.t.c.

Her friends:

Tami(a fashion designer) who had no responsibilities, lived with her wealthy parents and had one rich boyfriend or the other picking up bills everyother day.

Adesuwa on the other hand was married, very hardworking and independent woman with a son to cater for. But with a husband who wasn’t earning up to what she was. Every business he had set out to do hadn’t turned out well and so provision for the family was her sole responsibility including paying for the house which Soji her husband was building for his Mother. Adesuwa is one of those women who feel that you shouldn’t live a luxury life even if you could afford it as it would threaten the man.

Ladun. Nothing much to say about this one. Housewife. No job/business on the side. She lived on allowance from her husband who was from a wealthy home.

Lara. My favourite one. Oil and gas executive fending for her family but still managing to be stable.

Zuri eventually had to get her financial life together after she managed to pay up all her debts and get her life back on track with the help of her friends and her new boyfriend Tsola who was constantly pushing her to be a better person.


Fantastic! I enjoyed the read. It was a smooth one. I wasn’t bored at any point. Not even when there was all that stock marketing, investment plan talk that typically, would have bored me out of my mind considering my phobia for numbers and complicated planning talks. Every bit of it was very self-explanatory. I was introduced to several interesting ways on building a financial plan. Reminded me about financial review. The best part, it has rebuked me against impulsive spending.

Book review: The Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu X  - Kuyet'asham

Did you know? That to measure a person’s worth is not by how much income they make but by how much of that income is being converted to assets that can provide income in the future?

Spend intentionally by setting goals and prioritizing. Know the difference between your needs and wants.

Maximize your skills. You work a 9-5, but you can do something on the side. E.g if you have great planning skills, there’s the weekend for you to do event planning as there’s one event or the other. Make some extra bucks asides your monthly salary, et cetera et cetera.

Rather than just save to spend later, save to invest and build up assests for you. You don’t want to be a liability when you’re old and out of all your exurberance.

I’d also like to put it out there that contrary to popular belief, the book isn’t strictly for females! This financial planning thing cuts across both genders. (The book just had a female setting)

The book is definitely worth more than the price.

Book review: The Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu X  - Kuyet'asham

an African girl’s journey                               to financial freedom.

It was nice of you to stop by, even nicer for you to have read. Thanks! 

Don’t forget to give me tips on balancing this blogging thing if you have any for me. Also, if you’ve read the book, I’d love to know your thoughts. If you haven’t, feel free to comment based on what I’ve given you. 

Have a great week ahead.


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4 Responses
  • Jenom Kassim
    December 12, 2016

    Amazing post!!! I think I need a copy of this book especially since it’ll help with finances. I really need to get a hold of what is a WANT and a NEED in my life rn lol.
    Amazing post once again. Hope to see more of posts like this 🙂

  • kuyetasham
    December 13, 2016

    Thank you Jenom. It’s always nice to hear from you. Do come back to give me your thoughts once you’ve read it. See you soon!

  • Abel Dee
    December 16, 2016

    Absolutely love the post. Gives a perfect glimpse of what to expect from the book. Seems like something to look forward to. 😃

    • kuyetasham
      December 19, 2016

      Glad you enjoyed it Abel. It is worth looking forward to. Thank you for stopping by!

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