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Call on Creatives.

It’s been too long since I dropped a post here. I didn’t forget the blog, I’m just terrible at managing this final year struggle along with the blog. Initial plan was to abandon the blog till my final exam but I couldn’t. The number of people that have reached out to ask what’s  happening, gracious! But wait, I thought the blog was shit (excuse my French) and didn’t have fans? I’ve been reinformed.

So to keep the blog alive while I struggle to get that degree, I’ve made efforts to reach out to some awesome people whom I think will add great content here. In that light, from now till April 15th, you’re going to be seeing more guest posts than mine. I’m also looking at new categories to add some spice on here.

Special call to my creatives or my people that know creatives. If you think you have anything you may want published here, style posts, product reviews, prose, poetry, anything at all worth publishing, please reach out. Let’s keep the blog alive while I make us proud in school. Send me DMs on Social media the links are at the end of this post or mail me [email protected]

If you’re thinking of starting a blog too, you may want to use mine for a test drive see how people react to your work and know what to fix up before starting officially. You’re welcome.I plan to do all the publicity on Social media for whatever I post.

Before I stop the gist, something new is coming to the blog next month. I can’t wait to tell you guys. I hope you’ll still be here.

The weekend is upon us, let’s enjoy it.

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