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Shoot: A dark in the light. Photographed by Obinna Obioma

Hey there and happy Weekend!

How was your week?

Remember this post here where I called for creatives?? Well, a few of you have been so nice and have volunteered to contribute to the success of the blog one way or another with beautiful content and it’s been awesome working together. Here’s one of them from Ifunanya, in case you missed it. Her post was a hit! My DMs were flooded, I only wish ya’ll would put out these feedbacks in the comment section below so that these people can see for themselves how awesome their works are and how much people appreciate them, because truth is I’m not the brain behind the work, all I do is compile, edit and post!

Let’s fast forward to today’s post. Shall we?

Body suits have been the in thing for women fashion for a while now. Almost every girl owns atleast 1 body suit to pair with jeans, skirts or even shorts. Matter of fact,  body suits are fast replacing tops
Abuja based Photographer Obinna Obioma shows us how trendy body suits have become featuring Ruth Waziri. The shoot displays a black body suit in an amazing concept.

According to Obinna, “the inspiration behind this look is based on a black woman who is able to stand despite her skin colour.” 

“Beautiful black woman,
Full of beauty, full of grace,
Rare black queen sitting high on your throne,
No one can take your place.

Beautiful black woman,
Your heart is full of pure gold and your touch is overwhelming,
Delights of the mind, the glinting of red gold against your watered skin,
Your love is kind and patient.

Beautiful black woman,
A good woman is what you are,
A woman to whom is proud of who she is and what she stands for.
A dark In the light.” – Ruth Waziri

Photographer: Obinna Obioma 

Model: Ruth Waziri 

Styling & Concept: Obinna Obioma 

Obinna and Ruth are on social media @mrobinnaobioma and ruddiyeh respectively.

What do you think about this creative concept? 

Would you have done it differently? 

How do you style your body suits?

As much as I appreciate the DMs, please drop your comments in the comment section to let these guys know how awesome they are. If you’re shy, comment as “Unknown.” You’re welcome. 



Have a lit weekend ahead.

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