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Life after school and how to survive on little or no income/pocket money.

Before I start with those of us that are already out of school and struggling, here’s one for those still in school. SAVE. Savings are very important while you’re in school no matter how little. You won’t know the importance of savings till you’re out of school to face real life. If you have parents that’ll constantly ignore you when you ask for money and chase you off to get a job, you gon learn.
After school, you may most likely be jobless for a while and broke so it can get frustrating. Lack of money/income can actually lead to depression and you don’t want to be depressed because it’s not an easy thing to cope with at all.
I’m out of school, employed but not handsomely paid (because everybody wants NYSC certificate) So I’m currently broke but my depression days are over. Hallelujah!
Here are a few stuff to survive I’ve learned while on this after school journey, I hope you find it useful too!

  1. Eat at home, don’t eat out:
    DON’T do it, it’s a trap. I know how tempting it is when you see very beautifully taken pictures of food on Instagram and all you want to do is eat it but you know you can’t make it, guess what? The recipes are all on Google. Google is your friend and making it yourself is waaaaay cheaper than buying it.

  2. Buy nearly new books:
    If you’re a book hoarder like me, you’d agree that after food, books take the bulk of your money. I’ve found that instead of buying new books, there are stores that sell used books that are almost new, most of these books have barely been used and they have the same content as a new one. You can get these used books for half the price of the new ones or even cheaper depending on how recent the books were published. Apart from book stores, there are also individuals who sell their books after they’ve read them, look out for these guys especially on Twitter. My No 1 store to buy used books is the 1kbookstand (yup! their books literally go for 1,000 naira or less) They are a mobile book store so sometimes if you’re lucky and they are near you, you can just go and get it yourself and save delivery money.


  1. Monitor your Data usage and airtime purchase:

Unless you’re actually making money with your data and calls you’re making with your airtime, there’s absolutely no reason to spend so much on data. In the end, if you’re spending so much time watching Insta videos, making video calls, downloading stuff and not creating anything out of them, you’ll end up broke without Data/air time which means you can’t access these things anymore, and life becomes useless.


  1. Don’t buy a domain name:
    If you eventually decide to take on blogging, from the start you should know if you’re just going into it out of boredom and joblessness because if that’s the case, you’ll most likely not take it serious enough to make profits out of it. If you’re not working towards making profits out of your blogging career, then buying a domain name may be a waste because that’s just adding unnecessary expenses to your already broke ass. Instead, create free sites on WordPress, Blogger etc. (I’ll always advise WordPress because it’s more user-friendly)


  1. Shop less:
    You really don’t need to have so many clothes if you don’t have a steady means of income, you can learn to mix and match the ones you already have and give them a new look every single time you re rock them. The secret to this is to buy more neutral colours than patterned and loud colours. I’m the queen of re rocking, I have this black dress that I’m wearing 90% of the times I’m wearing anything black (either as a dress or a top)

6. Don’t shop online:
This is very important because asides from the fact that you can save up the delivery money for something else, most times what you see displayed is not what you get and that can be very heart breaking. Of course most times you get a refund of at least half your money, but what  about the stress you go through to get that refund? What happens if it was an urgent buy? You end up spending more money to get it somewhere else and most times, the process to get a refund especially in Nigeria is frustrating and you spend money too.

Try DIYs: Apart from food, try to do other things you want by yourself. Save your hair conditioner money, buy affordable ingredients and make your home made conditioner, save up money on making your hair, if you can’t DIY, get your friend to do it for you, your mum, your dad, anyone. The aim is not to pay for it.

Also get engaged with a lot of stuff because employers are steady looking for people with some level of experience and every experience can come in handy.

What other tips do you have to keep graduates sane and not broke before they get jobs? Do you have any experiences with any of these?

Let me know in the comment section!
I’ll love to hear from you! Happy New month. 

If you found this helpful, don’t keep it to yourself, spread the word.


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