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Product Review: Ajali Handmade Naturals 

Hey there. How’s your new week going? 

Mine is going well, thanks for asking. I’m having a lit one actually because I’m spending it all with kids and they are my absolute best. 

Today I’m sharing the natural products I’ve been treating my lips with.

My lips are usually rough and multi coloured like my skin (Looking for a solution to this one)

I had ignored the state of my lips for too long until I noticed one day it was very visible and I started becoming more conscious of it when more people began to spot it out. Around that time I had heard about Ajali from a friend (@mercyfamilusi) that I look up to for all things skin and hair. The bigger attraction was when I visited their store and I fell in love with the space. It’s this small but spacious and cute space somewhere in Lekki phase 1, Lagos. I didn’t buy that first time because I didn’t go with any intentions to, but the next time I was in Lekki, I made sure I stopped by Ajali on my way out regardless of the heavy rain. 

Before I bought my stuff, I had looked up their products, ingredients and uses and they were convincing enough so I decided to try especially considering that the CEO (Ifeinwa)  is such a fine lady with flawless skin. I figured her products should have definitely been the reason behind her flawless skin. 

I initially went there with plans to get only the scrub, but thanks to the sales person, she persuaded me to get the lip balm too (just incase Ajali reads this, she should get some bonus for a job well done) 

The scrub is a mix of essential oils and sugar and it feels so good on my lips, tastes good too. Duh. It’s sugar. When you’re applying it, try not to get carried away, don’t lick it, allow it do it’s work.

I scrub my lips 3 times a week with the scrub applying a generous amount and using a soft tooth brush that I’ve set aside specifically for my lips to scrub in a circular motion. Careful not to scrub too hard, you don’t want blisters or irritations.   

Another trick I figured is, when the scrub starts to get dry which takes a really long time)  you can revive it with a few drops of coconut oil and your scrub continues to work as new! 

I usually do the scrubbing right after a shower, then I use the lip balm continuously during the day, mindful not to allow my lips get dry. 

So far, I think it has worked it’s magic, my lips seem to be smoother although the colour confusion hasn’t settled. 

I’ve found that the secret is to always keep my lips moist with the balm for its full effectiveness. 

The nice smell in the air that hits you when you step into Ajali store, is the same smell that hits you when you open any of their products to use daily. Since I’m not good with product routines, this smell keeps me constantly looking forward to using it. 

I’m not entirely a fan of the balm, because I think it’s too thick. I usually like my balms pasty and easy to apply not dry and caky but that’s just a personal reference.

What Ajali products have you used? 

What did you think about it? 

Would you like to try any of their products? 

Which one and why? 

What other beauty product brand can you recommend? 

What skin regimen have you used that works perfectly? 

Let me know in the comment section. 

In the mean time, have a not so stressful week. 


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