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​Published by: Hachette Digital in May  2009


Version: e-book

I do not come to you by chance takes you through the life of Kingsley, a young fresh Nigerian Engineering graduate. Though top of his class, but like most average Nigerians, suffers unemployment for long enough to frustrate anyone into doing anything for money. His case is tougher especially because, he is the first son of the family and so it is automatic for his family to have high expectations of him.

Kingsley believes that education and wisdom are the way and all he needs, but tough as it is for him, he learns; ‘education may be the language of success in Nigeria, but its money that does the talking.’ Because, in this part of the world, you better know someone that knows someone to better your chances and Kingsley doesn’t “know someone”.

The peak of Kingsley’s frustration is reached when a tragedy befalls him and his family. For lack of other choices, Kingsley turns to his uncle Boniface for financial assistance to sort the situation out.
Uncle Boniface A.K. A Cash Daddy owns one of the largest 419 businesses. Since no other option is available, Kingsley finally yields to Cash daddy’s offer to join his business.

Cash daddy is a disgusting, annoying, funny and loveable character all at once.

Kingsley battles with his conscience at an early stage of the business, but with constant boosts from cash daddy, he soon gets over it and very quickly becomes a guru in the business and starts to do well for himself and his family.

Kingsley’s story is typical of what’s going on in Nigeria. How hardship pushes patriotic citizens to illegal businesses increasing the already high crime rate.

For Kingsley, his father insists he uses his degree and so he is stuck on looking for opportunities in the field of what he studied in the university. With no luck until he eventually settles for Cash Daddy’s offer in the absence of his father.

The story is an eye opener to the general circumstances surrounding Nigeria especially 419. So if you’re looking for how to know if you’re being scammed, there are definitely some tips here for you.

Apart from pointing out the several lengths these scammers go to get their target(s), the story also brings to light how greedy these targets can also be. It’s their greed that even makes them consider the offers by the scammers in the first place and because of this, at some point of the story I started to feel like the targets deserved being scammed. (you may not get my point until you read the book)

It was a great read, and I’ll definitely recommend it.

PS: I read an e-copy that’s why I don’t have pictures.

Have you read I Do Not Come To You By Chance? Please share your thoughts here, I’d love to know what you thought.

Ever wondered how this whole 419 thing works? Here’s your chance because this review, did Not Come To You By Chance. 

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