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Interview| With Mercy Familusi- Brand publicist 

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 1. Tell us more about what you do with brands.

I basically help them reach their target audience in an organic and natural way.

2. What was the inspiration to start?

I have always been a skincare person and I literally go all out for anything I pick interest in. I also find so much satisfaction in sharing knowledge and all that has worked for me. As if to corroborate this, people somehow find and trust me on matters concerning their skin and hair so, I guess it’s more of a natural phenomenon than attributing it to any special inspiration. 

3.What good/bad experiences have you had with products? 

Looolll…My dear, I have wasted money! Hehe… I have bought products that flat out did not work for me and even constituted a nuisance on my head by flaking. However, on the flip side, I have used products that smell and feel divine. You know the kind of products that make people acknowledge the products you used? Lol, you get!

Yup! I totally get. It’s like the hydrating leave in conditioner by Afro by nature, that thing smells like heaven and whenever I use it, I get steady compliments.

4. What takes up most of your time?

Research; actively by using search tools and passively with the use of social media. I’m legit paying attention to every obvious and underlying detail. My hair regimen takes a lot of my time too! And make up.

5. What’s your greatest fear and how do you get yourself to look past it? 

The fear of being a local champion has to be it! I honestly never want to be a local champion or even feel like one. So, I push myself harder and learn a whole lot, try out new things and incorporate them into all I do.

6. What’s your favorite hair and skin brand? 

My fave skincare brand currently is “The Ordinary” I absolutely love their serums with hyaluronic acid! But I’m seriously working towards an upgrade – When my finances will allow me lol. For Hair-care, I don’t have a particular brand that does it all for me. But the closest is Afro By Nature. Most likely because I have been using more of their products these days. I like them and they are a great budge friendly brand.

Aha! See what I was talking about?? Afro by nature all the way! They are no doubt my favorite brand so far

7. What’s your constant motivation?

The constant need to break and create records.

8. What products are you currently obsessing over?

Miniso perfume in “Leo” I absolutely love the fragrance!

I wish I could share in your obsession but unfortunately, fragrance sensitivity won’t let me be great. 🙁

9. Are you currently working on any project? We’d like some inside gist.

Looollll…. is out anytime soon and my YouTube channel too! *winks* I can’t talk much for now though…hehe.

Yaas! Been waiting on a mercyfamilusi blog since forever. 

10.What would you consider the most important “do” and “do not” for natural hair care? 

Most importantly- Moisturize your hair regularly and do not go so long without washing and deep conditioning

11. What’s that one beauty item that is always in your bag?

That’ll be my Kui hair mist, definitely.

12. What do you think 

about and what tips do you have for it? 

I think the blog is blooming. I just yearn for a higher level of consistency.

13. Advice/tips to people looking to do the sort of things you’re into.

Go all out, defy all odds and engage your audience!

I don’t know about you all, but I’ll definitely be in Mercy’s DM for skin care tips because is it just me or her skin is glowing almost more than the sun?? And what other proof does one need to know that she knows this business well? Seeing they say is believing. I’ll definitely bring you guys news when her new projects launch. 

THANKS FOR READING! Thank you Mercy for sharing, I’ll be disturbing you some more in the nearest future. 

Get in touch with Mercy via Her social media platforms @mercyfamilusi

Collaborations? Please email her [email protected]

Have something to say? Please drop your thoughts in the comment section. 


Have a lit week. 🙂





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  • Jenom
    October 6, 2017

    The fear of being a local champion really got to me. I’ve been really complacent lately with work and business so this is the nudge I needed to get back on track. Thanks for the motivation and the post

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