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​BLOGGING: The Job that needs no certificate! 

Of course, you don’t need a certificate to become a blogger, and with the current ‘job scarcity’ problem in Nigeria that has proven almost impossible to solve, one would invest their time in alternatives. However, there are also a thousand ways you can either be doing it wrong/right.

It seems the good old days of getting all you need while schooling and having a job waiting for you upon graduation has fast become a story and even now, almost a myth. Yet, in the midst of all these quagmire, many people have emerged successful without a dent from the tragedy that has befall the country. The advent of the internet and the possibilities that lies within it provides even greater potentials for the teaming youths thereby giving birth to a new generation. Not of employees rather of entrepreneurs. 

Still wondering about the surplus opportunities that blogging posseses, then this post is for you. You’ll also learn a few vital steps to take to start up/ ensure a successful blogging career.

  • Why You Are Blogging?: 

Every successful business is built upon the ‘WHY’ foundation. You must fully identify the reason you are starting a blogging career. It might be to enhance your business growth or promote your products and services, it might be to educate a certain group of people on a certain aspect of life, endeavor or subject. It might also be to inform people on particular issues or even news in its entirety. Whatever your choice is, you must start by identifying the ‘WHY’.

  • Gather Your Sources: 

Once you have identified the purpose of your blog, the next step to take is to find your sources. You cannot be in all places, at all times. This is a feature the Almighty denied humans (Omnipresence). But your blog needs you to almost become ‘omnipresent’ for it to be successful. You need to have a nose for news if you are into news blogging, the right information about a product, where and where it can be found how to differentiate the fake from the original if you are into blogging for products etc.  

It’s important for you to have your sources ready before you begin this journey. 

  • Get a good Domain Name: 

Your domain name is your means of identification. It would stick with your blog for the rest of its life. Therefore, it should be a name that is easy to remember, catchy and gives a picture of what your blog is about. Your domain name is also the primary ingredient for your google or other search engine rankings as we will talk about at the end of this post. It is also good to think locally so that your name presents an idea of your blog being an indigenous blog therefore easier for your target audience to relate with.

Smart Web Nigeria

( offers free domain name upon the purchase of hosting a plan with them.

  • Choose a Hosting Package:

 When you’re at the point choosing a web hosting package, the choices become more stringent. You are bombarded with lots of hosting companies trying to win your  patronage. But the logical thing to do is to consider what suites your business most. You should be looking forward to 99.9% uptime and no down time, you should also be looking forward to having full administrative control of your blog and other websites that you may host in the nearest future. And you can achieve this by owning a reseller account which allows you to create more hosting accounts. (this is also another business opportunity worth exploring.)

The watch word for choosing the perfect hosting platform for your blog is reliability, and cost efficiency. The two words (Reliable and cost efficient) do not really agree with each other. So to find a web hosting company that provides you with 99.9% up time and a relatively cheap price is quiet a hard job to do. I will recommend you go with Smart Web Nigeria. 

Smart web is an indigenous web hosting company which means any issues that may arise can be dealt with in no time. They also offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with refunds where services are not needed any more, you can pay in naira and they provide different payment avenues to allow for easier payments. Also when your traffic begins to grow and get up high, they have this special offer of virtual private servers (VPS) which tends to help where reseller accounts begin to get too chucked up. 

  • Setup a CMS On your blog:

 Setting up a Content Management System on your blog is the next thing to do once you have purchased a web hosting package. There are different CMS available and they are all good. The most popular are ‘WordPress’ and ‘Joomla.’

I use WordPress because it seems to be easier to use and provides more efficiency. However what matters most is your choice. 

  • Choose a theme: 

The Last Step Is Your SEO: 

Once you have installed your CMS, the next vital step to take is choosing a theme that suites your website or blog. Most times, people choose themes that are not properly coded and this makes their website or blog vulnerable to attacks. Remember, just because a theme looks good to the naked eye does not mean it has been properly coded. Also, just because you paid for a theme doesn’t mean it is a properly coded one. Usually premium products are of good quality but there are always exceptions. So make sure to do a little background check on the developer of the theme so you know who you are buying it from. You may also choose to outsource this job to a web developer who can suitably carry out this job. 

This is a process of getting your website or blog ranked within the first page of a search engine. This process is carried out periodically and involves the crafty art of using keywords that helps the search engine notice your website while it’s crawling during a search command. You can also choose to do this yourself or outsource it. Whichever way, search engine optimization is a key ingredient to your website or blog growth. Personally, I outsource this to Smart Web Nigeria where I host my websites.

Do all of this, and you’re in for a delightful blogging experience! 

How’s the weekend at your end? 

Let me know how I can be helpful and what tips you found useful. 





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