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The unexpected visitor- Mercy Harold

The unexpected visitor visited my loins early;
I remember that day like it’s a scroll of importance holding a message of something sweet but then that day holds memories that barks around with huge golping sobs;

It happened on that day when a kick could echoe in the sunny afternoon; immediately mama left, he barged into my room with an unusual forwardness, making passes to destroy my aura;

Ssssssssh he uttered, with my face screwed into a question mark I sought for answers to his undefined quest

Understanding broke loose when his muscular arms pushed me down, I fought with lion strenght, fought hard, the huge slaps he gave injected weakness and strenght failed and I still fought, fought with tears as he quickly launched into my innocence, my pride, my dignity; as fifteen minutes seemed like fifteen years

He lost his professional demeanour and I lost my hymen.

I couldn’t tell mama because the ingredients to serve the experience are relentless memories I can’t quash, a boulder size of memories

I couldn’t tell anyone because my lips were pressed in a thin line locked as the temporary custodian of this abuse.

But voicing out my fear let humor force my lips upwards, lifting my face into lines of laughter which hid once far away.

Voicing out my pain, let me bask in a new wave of giggles, it brought restoration; I emerged from being an unexpected victim to an unexpected smile.

A new realisation has popped in “life is not all about denial” I now see sheer pride oozing from every pore;

Voicing what I once called shame has made me stronger. 
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Photo cred: @emptyholiday
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