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The Sole Mother- Mercy Harold

The sole mother solo and alone, looking at  her child, the product of her submissiveness, closed in her innocence she reminiscences her last encounter of bonding in between the sheets, tossing, turning, wrinkled and creased like a metaphor, blur, far away in an illuminated world, all she does is to recollect.
The sole mother sees a chance of survival strengthened by the ravishing smiles of her child, As the sky smiles at them with steadfast love thier acquitance makes her forget she’s a soldier in an isolated war, shouldering alot trapped underneath the mountain of responsibility, atimes losing her sanity.

The sole mother hanged in limbo, relishes one string celebrations with her child, one voice cheering, getting a good laugh that still magnifes a subtle and painful reminder that someone is missing out, The sole mother swallows the the tough pill alone.

The sole mother pushes away gray areas with her baby as they erect heavenly marked moments with milestones of achievements exhibiting intimate movement that make memories. 

The sole mother is an ardent lover.

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