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The last time I missed my period

The last time I saw my period, my feelings were minding thier bussiness and my breast swayed without a flick of pain.

  Then I met jide, my feelings  jogged, started earsdropping from the doors of desire, my eyes overblinked, my cheeks reddened and my lips began to sing songs of love.

We shared a full cup of happiness, loud laughter, a slippery joining, then I couldn’t see my period. Days passed, weeks, then a two months realisation popped in I knew exactly what is I became, ‘pregnant.’ I consulted Jide ,”GO and find the FATHER OF THAT THING you’re carrying” the love languages died that day, it was the last day I ever saw Jide.

As my belly grew, I became aware of the voices alone, those one’s that could swallow you, the one’s that said “you are a disgrace “the one’s that said “eyah so you had to drop out of school” or the one’s that reminded me of the painful pill.

Photo cred: @empty holiday


Within the coldness of my present state, I have happy moments, love  still saturates around the aura.
What’s important is I have gone through the fire of experience, I have burns but I have learnt.

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